Like any competition, traditional motorcycle rallying is prepared meticulously beforehand. In addition to the training of the rider, in this case you, you must also make sure that your bike is particularly well tuned. A small failure can cost you victory. So you might as well make sure that your bike has all the necessary equipment.

The stopwatch: so you're always in the thick of things

In a competition, you have to look at your time in order to measure yourself against others, but also to see your evolution in relation to your own performance. This is why a stopwatch is the first equipment for motorcycle rallying. The most basic model is the manual stopwatch with digital display. It indicates approximately the elapsed time according to the number of laps to be completed. The automatic on-board stopwatch is more powerful than the manual model. It allows the biker to know the elapsed time according to the lap.  It sends an infrared signal to the motorcycle at each lap. The best performing model is the GPS stopwatch, connected by satellites. It shows not only the elapsed time, but also the speed and the trajectory to follow.

A large tank: so you don't run out of fuel

There is nothing more damaging than having to stop in the middle of a race to refuel. To avoid this disappointment, it is essential to replace your usual fuel tank with a large capacity tank capable of holding more than 15 litres. This will ensure that you don't run out of fuel in the middle of the race. A larger tank size for rallying also gives the bike a different shape, which is not negligible to improve the aerodynamics of the machine when it is launched at full speed.

Different protection systems to increase safety

Another important motorcycle rally equipment: the sole. Just like the shoe, its role is to protect the bottom of the engine and prevent mud from reaching the engine. Its internal and external welding system also improves the engine's ability to resist shocks. You should also equip your motorcycle with hoops and radiator grills to protect the radiator from splashes. This will ensure that the radiator will not be deformed in the event of an accident. Don't forget to equip your motorcycle with a muffler guard to prevent your exhaust system from deforming in the event of a fall. The manifold protector prevents you from getting burned in the event of an accident. The frame of your motorcycle also needs protection.