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Our advice for choosing your first motocross bike and starting out in complete safety

Motocross, like all the other equipment of the perfect biker, is not chosen lightly. The engine, handling and, above all, the price are all points to consider before making your choice. You don’t know what to choose from the plethora…

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All the specificities of motorcycle testing

A sporting discipline using a bicycle, car or truck, trials is also practiced with a motorcycle. It is a crossing sport using motorcycles designed for ease of use for the rider. But what is motorcycle trial? What are the specificities…

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Traditional motorcycle rallying: how to be well equipped for competition?

Like any competition, traditional motorcycle rallying is prepared meticulously beforehand. In addition to the training of the rider, in this case you, you must also make sure that your bike is particularly well tuned. A small failure can cost you…

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What’s superbike?

The world of superbike is full of competitions of all categories, from simple matches between motorcycle athletes to championships between elite riders, up to stops of competitions for motorized vehicles, including of course the famous world competition or motoGP. These…

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Motorcycle tuning: the nuances between accessorization and customization

To give your bike a new look, you can choose to accessorize or customize it. What are the differences between these two terms? Does it have a real impact on the look after the tuning? Without further ado, here’s what…

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