Motocross, like all the other equipment of the perfect biker, is not chosen lightly. The engine, handling and, above all, the price are all points to consider before making your choice. You don't know what to choose from the plethora of offers available to you? Check out our tips for making the right choice.

Which engine to choose?

As an engine, you are not unaware that the motorcycle engines available on the market are two-stroke or four-stroke? Which one to choose? The choice depends mainly on how you want to feel on the road. These two engines don't work in the same way, nor do they have the same price. If you're looking for a lively engine with a nervous edge, then you'll surely appreciate a two-stroke engine. For those about to choose their first motocross bike, a model with a 2-stroke engine is also to be preferred. This engine has simple mechanics and is perfectly suited for beginners. It is also not very expensive. For some people who are used to riding motorcycles but lack off-road experience, the 4-stroke engine is generally the best choice. This type of engine is much more powerful than the 2-stroke engine. It can easily go uphill. However, before choosing this engine, you should carefully evaluate its power and strength. Is it really adapted to your needs and your ability to drive a motocross bike? This leads us to talk about displacement. As much as possible, choose a model adapted to your size, which you will have no trouble handling. If you're small, don't take a model with a displacement greater than 125 cm3.

New or used motocross: what to choose?

It all depends on your budget. If you simply want to learn about motocross, it is better to turn to a second-hand model, which will cost you less. Even if you buy your first used motocross bike, you should not skimp on quality. Before making the purchase, check the general condition of the motorcycle, from the engine to the bearings. Keep in mind that a motorcycle bought at a low price, but with hidden defects, will end up costing you more in the end. If you have a high budget and are a true motocross enthusiast, you might want to consider buying a new one.

Motocross and enduro: know the difference!

Many beginners make the mistake of confusing enduro and motocross. At first glance, these two machines look alike, yet they are two different motorcycles. Motocross is not homologated. As such, it is not allowed to be ridden on roads, but only on cross-country terrain. The enduro motorcycle can be used everywhere. It is equipped with a license plate, full lighting and is approved for road use. You need a motorbike licence to be able to drive this bike on the roads.