Quad Bikes

The Quad or quadricycle: definition and presentation

The Quad or four-wheeler. To enjoy the landscapes freely and in complete safety. An all-terrain vehicle adapted to the enthusiasts of rides in rural areas. It can sneak in and out on rough terrain. Easy to drive, discover the Quadricycle,…

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Approved and non-approved quads: the legislation and the roads where to use them

The driving of quads is subject to specific regulations under penalty of sanction. But what are the legal obligations of the driver? Can the quads, with or without homologation, circulate on public roads? And is the insurance indispensable? What is…

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Essential equipment for driving the Quad

Like any other motor vehicle (car or motorcycle), driving a quad also presents risks of accidents. In order to ride safely, it is necessary to be equipped with all the essential equipment. But what are these equipments to ride a…

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How much does a new Quad cost? Second hand ?

Mud, snow, sand or rain, the quad is a vehicle designed to brave most obstacles, which is why more and more drivers are tempted to acquire one. Before getting started, it is important to know the price of the available…

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