The driving of quads is subject to specific regulations under penalty of sanction. But what are the legal obligations of the driver? Can the quads, with or without homologation, circulate on public roads? And is the insurance indispensable?

What is the difference between homologated and non homologated quads?

Quads are motorized all-terrain vehicles with 4 wheels. They are classified in two categories: homologated and non homologated quads. However, only the approved models can circulate on the roads of France. In this case, the wearing of a helmet and insurance are compulsory. For a cubic capacity of less than 50 cm3 with a speed limit of 45km/h and a maximum empty weight of 350 kg, the driver must have a BSR and be over 16 years old. If the vehicle is over 50 cm3, a B1, A or A1 licence is required.

What are the penalties if the quad is not homologated ?

Quad not homologated can circulate only on a private ground. Driving on public roads can cost you a lot of money. Indeed, you expose yourself to a fine of 1 500 € which will be registered on your criminal record as well as a prison sentence of up to 1 year. The police can also confiscate or impound your vehicle. And in the event of dangerous driving, you risk having your driving licence suspended. Although the use is reserved on a private area, the quad must also be covered by a civil liability insurance. This is the strict minimum even for a quad that does not drive. It covers damage caused to third parties while driving.

Which quad insurance to choose ?

Approved quad or not, choose according to your needs. In addition to the guarantee to the third parties, the driver can add additional options to reinforce the guarantees. The driver protection guarantee for example covers bodily injury in case of accident or disability. And theft and fire coverage is recommended for a new or top-of-the-range quad. In any case, to benefit from an optimal protection, you can opt for an all-risk insurance. But it is also the most expensive. With a moderate budget, you should not hesitate to turn to an intermediate insurance. This includes third-party insurance and protection against theft and fire. But it is also possible that it integrates the driver's guarantee and the breakdown assistance service. Please note! If you use your quad in an occasional way, privilege the insurance to the kilometer. The advantage? The amount of the premium is calculated according to the kilometers covered.