The torque wrench is an indispensable tool for mechanics or do-it-yourselfers to carry out their work. It is therefore an essential device in the mechanical field. It is mainly used to tighten screws or bolts to the specified torque. It offers absolute comfort and safety when tightening. The use of this tool is a guarantee of safety for users provided it is used correctly. However, not all models of torque wrenches available on the market can be used in the same way.

Torque wrench: what is it used for?

Some people prefer to save money by tinkering with them themselves. However, tightening certain components is not just a matter of doing it yourself. Each mechanical component has different functions. In this case, it can be subjected to more or less pressure compared to other parts of the vehicle. The strength of nuts and bolts varies according to the mechanical parts, as does the tightening torque. The torque wrench is then used to comply with the tightening torque specified by the car manufacturer. Fitting a cylinder head requires very precise tightening to ensure that the engine closes and operates properly. The tightening torque must not be too tight or too loose. In general, the tightening value should be between 60 and 90 Newton meters. This can only be achieved with a torque wrench and is not likely to damage the cylinder head. Hub nuts also require a precise tightening torque that is neither too low nor too high. It should be between 100 and 200 N.m. Using a torque wrench allows this torque to be reached without the risk of damaging or deteriorating the part. Then, tightening and loosening the bolts of a wheel is not child's play, it requires a good tool. For the 25 kg mass, the tightening torque should be between 60 and 80 N.m.

What type of torque wrench for which use?

The choice of your torque wrench depends on the type of vehicle you are servicing. It is important to be aware of the different torque ranges. There are torque wrenches for small assemblies, these are the low-torque wrenches.  Vehicles such as quads, motorcycles and scooters in particular use these low-torque wrenches because they do not require a large amount of tightening. For automobiles, a torque wrench with a higher or lower torque range is required. Indeed, the physical constraints on the car's mechanics are much greater than those of a motorcycle. Therefore, the different mechanical parts of a car must be assembled more firmly. For example, the tightening value of the bolts of an engine cylinder head should be about 25 N.m, depending on the manufacturer and the type of engine. If you maintain a heavy-duty vehicle such as a truck, you will need a stronger torque wrench.

What are the different types of torque wrenches?

Knowing the different types of torque wrenches is necessary to easily choose the right model. First of all, the torque wrench is probably the best known model. This model is equipped with a release system that signals the user to stop tightening at the right time. This wrench can be adjustable or fixed value. It is also known for its speed and ease of use. In addition, the release wrench can be used even in low light conditions. The breakaway torque wrench is another model. It is easy to operate, simply set the wrench to the desired torque and tighten the nut or bolt as with a conventional ratchet wrench. The wrench will "break" when the ideal torque is reached. Dial torque wrenches are also available. This type of wrench has a dial indicating the torque value. Simply observe the progress of the tightening process and stop operating the wrench when the appropriate torque is reached. There are many models of dial wrenches. A model with a digital display, for example, can make the tool easier to read. There are also models that come with a beep that sounds when the torque is reached.

How do I choose a torque wrench?

Customers tend to look at brands when choosing products. This is true in many fields: mechanics, high technology, clothing, but also in the food industry. It is no secret that some brands are better known than others. You will be faced with this kind of problem when the day comes when you have to compare the different torque wrenches on the market. In fact, it all depends on your needs in using the torque wrench. If you only use it to check and maintain your personal car, there is no need to invest in a reliable brand.