Before renting a car, it is important to review the coverage on your car insurance policy. Your personal coverage in some cases might extend to rental cars and there is no need to buy one. If you require rental car insurance look no further than Car hire excess insurance who will provide you with the best insurance for renting a car.

Do you need rental car insurance?

Understanding your personal car insurance policy comes in handy before paying for your rental car. This applies to those who have cars already and if you don’t have a car with insurance having an annual car hire excess insurance will cover the bare minimum. If you are travelling abroad and you are thinking do I need excess protection car hire, then it might be a good idea to buy car rental excess insurance. It is important to note that you can only use your car insurance for a rental car for personal travel, deductibles and personal coverage limits will apply. If you are on a business trip, your personal coverage insurance will not cover any damage or injuries not unless you have commercial coverage.

Types of rental car insurance coverage

Before you buy car rental excess insurance it is important to understand the rental car insurance products available. Below are some of the coverage options that are offered by most companies.

Collision/Loss Damage Waiver

This option covers you from paying total loss, environmental damage, theft or vandalism, and accident damage. This waiver is similar to collision damage only that the latter doesn’t cover theft. You don’t need this waiver if you already have comprehensive and collision insurance, also, a loss damage waiver doesn’t require you to pay a deductible.

Liability Coverage

In case you cause an accident this covers property damage and injuries caused to the other driver. Your personal liability insurance will provide this coverage if only you are on a personal trip.

Personal Accident Insurance

This option covers medical bills for you and your passengers in case of an accident and regardless of who is at fault for causing the accident. Personal injury protection and medical payments are alternatives to personal accident insurance which doesn’t require deductibles. Your health insurance can cover your medical costs after paying health deductibles.

Personal Effects Coverage

This covers any personal items stolen from the rental car such as luggage, electronics and clothing. On the other hand, homeowners or renters insurance policy will provide you the same protection as personal effects coverage.

Is rental car insurance worth it?

Is car hire excess insurance worthwhile is a question that many people have difficulty answering. In some situations, rental car insurances are worth it and in other cases, they can be expensive if you purchase a full coverage purchase. Driving in a new situation such as a rental car can be stressful even if you are a good driver. Is it worth buying car hire excess insurance, yes if you want to get peace of mind.
You need to be protected throughout the year and an annual car hire excess insurance is what you need. The best annual car hire excess insurance UK is car hire excess.