The Quad or four-wheeler. To enjoy the landscapes freely and in complete safety. An all-terrain vehicle adapted to the enthusiasts of rides in rural areas. It can sneak in and out on rough terrain. Easy to drive, discover the Quadricycle, more than a motorcycle and lighter than a car.

Definition of the Quad

The Quad, or Quadricycle, ATV (All-terrain vehicle) in America, the simplest definition of a quad is that it is an open motorized vehicle with four wheels. Looking somewhat like a motorcycle, the Quad has handlebars and is open. Single or two-seater, the Quad is a motorized vehicle. There are different types of Quads, including recreational and sport Quads. This quadricycle is generally driven by private individuals for rides. Thus, for a private use, which can be driven on public roads (be careful not to use motorways) or for a competition use, there is a Quad approved for each use. The question which arises constantly concerns the quad insurance. Indeed, for a Quad for private or sporting use, it is important that you are insured.

The different types of Quadricycle

The Quad can be either "light" or "heavy". The so-called light quads work with more or less 45cm3. Thus, all the Quads with more power and a larger cylinder capacity are of the heavy category. There are different kinds of Quads, according to their uses: - The Quad of leisure. The Quad of 150cm3 and more, with automatic gearbox, is probably the most popular. - The Sport Quad. The Sports Quad of 250cm3 or more, the most used for racing and competitive events of all kinds, such as enduro. - Utility Quads. Equipped with an automatic gearbox (variator) and perfect for escapades in difficult environments. Utility quads are quite similar to sport quads. The only difference is the top speed, which is higher for competitors. - Children's quads. These are part of the lighter quads, despite their 90cm3, because of their small size. - The two-seater Quads. Note that it is imperative to wear a helmet for more safety.

Quad, advantages and disadvantages

The Quad has the following advantages: - A better access to difficult slopes and tight roads. - A better safety compared to two wheels, because this vehicle does not require balance control. - Ideal for driving in rainy weather compared to two wheels. As for the disadvantages: - The quad is polluting. - It is noisy (especially when driving on public roads).