Mud, snow, sand or rain, the quad is a vehicle designed to brave most obstacles, which is why more and more drivers are tempted to acquire one. Before getting started, it is important to know the price of the available models in order to find the quad corresponding to your needs and your budget.

The different choices to make before buying

The purchase price of a quad, whether new or used, generally varies according to the characteristics of the vehicle: type of vehicle, homologation, engine capacity, insurance... The type of vehicle greatly influences the purchase price. Recreational quads for family use are the most affordable. Sport quads, with 2-wheel drive, are designed for racing or controlled skidding. Their price is less important than that of utility quads, but their use is reserved for the most sophisticated users, given the power of the engine. Professional or utility quads, equipped with 4 wheel drive, are the most efficient and certainly the most expensive. Other criteria can also influence the price of a quad: . The homologation: determines if the vehicle can circulate on public roads or private roads only. . The cubic capacity: the higher the cubic capacity, the more expensive the vehicle is. . The price of the insurance varies according to the power of the engine and the cubic capacity. To find a quad insurance corresponding to the vehicle adapted to your needs, click here.

What price for a new quad ?

Three determining factors influence the quad price: the type of motorization, the range and the type of machine. The entry level electric models or those with less than 50 cm3 are accessible from 250 €. High-end quads will cost between 350 and 500 €. For a non-approved vehicle, the purchase price of a new vehicle is between 400 and 1,000 € depending on the range chosen. A quad with less than 125 cm3 will cost an average of 700 €, but more powerful models can cost up to 1,000 €. Above 125 cm3, entry-level models do not go beyond 1,000 €. A price of up to €10,000 for top-of-the-range quads.

How to determine the price of a second-hand quad ?

Contrary to the purchase of a new machine, the acquisition price for a second-hand model is lower since it is a second hand. In order to estimate the purchase price, it is necessary to know the price of the quad you want. The rating of a used vehicle is generally based on the annual mileage (less than 1000 km) and the state of wear of the parts (brakes and tires) which makes the task more complex. To calculate this rating, go to dedicated sites that will allow you to evaluate the price and the rating of the desired quad according to its characteristics (category, displacement, power, transmission...). In order to find the vehicle corresponding to your budget, think of consulting the sites of sale between private individuals. You will find there a large choice of second-hand quads at very good prices.