To give your bike a new look, you can choose to accessorize or customize it. What are the differences between these two terms? Does it have a real impact on the look after the tuning? Without further ado, here's what it is.

Motorcycle tuning, accessorization

Accessorizing includes putting stickers, flags, footrests in a different colour from the rest, custom panniers on the sides of a motorcycle or other distinctive emblems and ornaments. Anything on a motorcycle can be accessorized to suit individual tastes. There are 3 ways to accessorize a motorcycle by enhancing : Aesthetics (paint, decorations, lighting, license plate) Its comfort (saddle, handles, windshield, luggage rack) Part of its performance (engine, tires, suspension, braking system) This is what differentiates classic motorcycle tuning from true customization, as there is no question of replacing the original general mechanical system. In fact, just by adding or replacing details, this relooking process is usually less expensive than customizing a motorcycle. Accessorization is essentially the addition of parts. Accessories improve a motorcycle's visual appearance and features, among other things.

Motorcycle tuning, customization

Transforming a large part or all of the structure of a motorcycle is customization. It's a radical customization process that can only be done by mechanical experts. Unlike accessorization, customization is quite expensive and requires technical means and great know-how in motorcycle tuning. As with accessorization, customization can change the aesthetics, comfort and performance of a motorcycle at the same time. Currently, many tuning companies and workshops offer this kind of service. In the same way, it is possible for a motorcycle owner to become a tuning specialist with practice and experience. He or she must also have the necessary tools for the manufacture or installation of parts. There are different motorcycle tunings, depending on the modifications you make to your bike.

General tuning

Motorcycle tuning is a phenomenon that developed in the 1950s. Nowadays, many amateurs and car mechanics enthusiasts do not hesitate to make this hobby their profession. In general, motorcycle tuning consists of several stages. Depending on the work to be done, we talk about accessorization or customization. It often happens that these two customization processes are mixed, as motorcycle tuning, because there are still nuances and ambiguities. In any case, whatever your tuning budget, if you are satisfied with the result, it is the fact that you can drive a motorcycle that suits you that counts.