Like any other motor vehicle (car or motorcycle), driving a quad also presents risks of accidents. In order to ride safely, it is necessary to be equipped with all the essential equipment. But what are these equipments to ride a quad ? Follow the details.

The Helmet

Even if difficult courses are often the favorite of quad riders, no matter the route, it is always important to wear a helmet. In fact, wearing this equipment has been mandatory in France since 1973. Failure to comply with this law is punishable by a heavy fine and the withdrawal of points on the permit. To maximise your protection, choose a full face helmet. Not only will this type of helmet protect your head, but it will also be very useful to protect the bottom of your face in case of a fall. If you're riding as a duo, your passenger will also need a helmet. However, it must be the right size for this purpose. Before buying a helmet, don't forget to try it on.

Gloves and boots

Whatever the season, you need to invest in a pair of gloves and boots designed for quads. Gloves are among the equipment not to be neglected when it comes to driving this type of vehicle. In the event of an accident, your first reflex will be to hang up with your hands. If they are not sufficiently protected, you risk serious accidents. Use gloves according to the season. It is also possible to invest in under-gloves, which will help you prevent blisters. As for your shoes, never ride in light sneakers or worse in sandals. Instead, choose the right pair of boots that will protect your feet, ankles and calves. Don't forget that they should be high-top boots for added protection.

Covering clothing

The driving of a quad can undeniably prove to be one of the most dangerous, hence the need for protective equipment. Indeed, only the wearing of a helmet is mandatory. The wearing of solid pants and waterproof jackets on the other hand is not obligatory. However, it is strongly recommended that you wear them, as they will provide excellent protection throughout your trip. Trousers with knee and seat reinforcements and a waterproof jacket lined with a chest protector are also necessary when you drive your quad. These can protect you from major skin injuries or burns. Indeed in case of fall, the leather offers a better protection, because they do not tear even if in summer it is a little hot.