The world of superbike is full of competitions of all categories, from simple matches between motorcycle athletes to championships between elite riders, up to stops of competitions for motorized vehicles, including of course the famous world competition or motoGP. These events are real opportunities to appreciate the desired model and to fully exploit its potential.

What exactly is superbike?

SBK" is the acronym for superbike. Superbike is a major motorcycle competition that encompasses all types of motorcycles. This championship which concerns Great Britain and France is opposed to the Motorcycle Grand Prix (or MotoGP). This competition is a compulsory stage, especially for French riders involved in MotoGP. Founded in 1981, it was previously called the French Open Championship.

Superbike versus MotoGP?

In terms of super sport bikes, racing bikes are mainstream models with versions on the market. The machine undergoes a series of modifications. Compared to the first class motorcycles in motoGP, the super sport bike could reach 1200 cm³, but depending on its displacement and weight category. The regulations were changed in 2003. It imposes a restriction of 1000 cm³ without taking into account the number of cylinders, even with a 1200 cm³ two-cylinder engine. In competition, the superbike reaches speeds of less than 10km/h compared to the motorcycle Grand Prix. Speed is a track performance of a motorcycle GP.

History of the sport

The first Super Sport motorcycle race arranged by FIM (Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme) took place in 1988. The championship continued for 7 months and was held in 9 matches. This category of motorcycle speed competition brought together various nationalities including French and Italian, but most of the machines were ridden by British and Australians. The world record for the title in this sport remains the British Carl Fogarty with 59 victories. Many others distinguished themselves in superbike competition before reaching motogp races, including an old motorcycle speed rider in America, with a record in 2002. Max Biaggi is also one of those riders involved in motorcycle championships who made a career in the first class.  The former American record holder Nicky Hayden has returned for a second time to compete in his second world motorcycle competition in 2017.